I’m Reading A New Book!

I posted this same post on my personal blog, but I decided to make it more original before posting it on here.

So last night, I was at Costco, in the book section and I was just browsing to see what was there. (Because we don’t have actual bookstores of any kind where I live). And I found this book called ‘Enemy of Mine’ by Brad Taylor, and it is A Pike Logan Thriller/Novel. I have only ever read, maybe, three thriller novels before. And I like them! I always enjoyed books with mystery and suspense. I was a big Nancy Drew reader as a young girl, (I know that is not quite the same, but yeah).

So, back to my story. I found the book and started to read it, intently. I was in chapter 2 when my parents came back, and I did not want to put it down. But I did and we went to the check-out. The book was on sale, and I had the money in my pocket. But I was short two bucks, so I asked my dad to spot me the remainder. I came home with a new book! So this is going to be one of those books I will be reviewing soon, depending on when I can finish reading it because I keep having to put it down.

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