Imagine . . . A Game (Writing Inspiration)

Imagine you are reading one of your favorite books. You are so engrossed into it, that you are not noticing anything else, except for the words on the page. Suddenly, you realize that you forgot to check your social-media. You go through you normal routine, when you notice a DM (or a PM, IM etc.). You open it. You find a beautiful GIF of a rose blooming. What do you do?
Think about this for a moment. Think of it as a story in the making, and ask yourself these questions:

1) What is the character thinking?

2) What do you think should happen after the character opens the message?

3) Who is the message going to be from?

Comment below your ideas for this short story. Create it and share it! Comment the links, I would love to read them!

You are probably wondering why I am writing this post. Answer: I am very creative, and that is why I always NEED to have my notebook in my hand. I don’t want to forget the great ideas that come to mind.
I am going to give you a challenge. For the next few hours (or days, if you wish), carry a notebook and pen with you. Every time a new, great idea comes to you, write it down, and write down the place you came up with the idea.
I started doing that a long time ago, and it helps me to go to my “idea chamber”. It works for me. Might work for you too. πŸ™‚

See you next time!

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