Angel ‘N Me – Review

Angel 'n Me (Cherry Hill Series Book 2)Angel ‘n Me by Ron Estrada

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Plot: As most continuing stories should, this plot followed a similar pattern, but at the same time it was it’s own flavor of ice cream. As a creative writer, I made guesses to the plot, and I guessed one part correctly, but the rest was unpredictable. I enjoyed the plot. Evan’s mental conversations with Angela gave it spark. Evan made it clear at the beginning that he was looking for a soul mate. Angela, being the girl he helped rescue from the drowning car, is sort of in limbo, I suppose. And like the book description says “Angel ‘N Me will have you laughing between the tears.”

Characters: As mentioned, the characters are not the same as the first book, but they still move you to feel whatever they are feeling. I enjoy Evan’s thought pattern. They are similar to Josh’s in the first book, yet entirely different, but it still brings emotion to the storyline.

So, what is the result to this equation? The book is a winner! I am anticipating the next book. And as if I were not dead serious about it being a movie while it. I was dead serious! This is another fantastic read, and it sends the message of forgiveness. Who do you need to forgive today?

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