8:00 pm . . . Not Much Accomplished

Well, it is now after 8:00, but who cares. I barely did anything today.

I mean, yes, I wrote nine letters for a short story.

Yes, I bought some new (much needed) flash drives.

Yes, I posted two new parts to All Of Me on Wattpad. Ergo, completing it to welcome the next story!

Yes, I pigged out on pepperoni pizza! xD

Yes, I started to read one of three (or is it four) books for my review blog. (Which are epic, but its all hush-hush right now.)

Yes, I did win a giveaway and am waiting for the email to link me to the E-book I won! XD (I was hoping for the paperback edition, but E-book is received much quicker.) OH! And a $25 Amazon Gift Card! ( I am working on my cart right now, so that as soon as I get the gift card, I can place the order! xD

Yes, I did make that book-jacket today.

Yes, I did listen to One Direction’s new single, Drag Me Down.

Okay, so I did get some stuff accomplished today. Along with a few awesome extras. Pretty awesome day.

Keep you eye open. Tomorrow is Saturday 😀


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