Okay, so I’ve only just learning about this! Wattpad is partnering with HarlequinPub for the anual SYTYCW (So You Think You Can Write) contest, and the grand prize is a two-book publishing contract!!!! xD

There is a category that would be perfect for one of my stories, so I will be attempting to add a few more chapters. I will not say which one, but I am at 33k+ words in this story, so I just have to work up to 50k! That’s not going to be that hard . . . I think . . . BUT I HAVE TO DO THIS! I love HarlequinPub, I have read some of the books they published and I just love everything that is going on! Yes, massive freak-out happening right now, and I can barely contain it enough to type this post!

I am losing it! I have to enter this contest! I feel like I would lose my mind if I didn’t! . . . . Okay, I will tell you the story I want to enter. Prepare for cover extravaganza!

Technically this story is entered in the #Wattys2015, but I am thinking that if I get to a high level in the #SYTYCW contest, I will pull out of the Wattys. I feel it in my gut to enter this, and I don’t want to pass this up. Imagine this story in print or e-book format! I think I would like it in print, but e-book it cool too! *SIGH* Okay, I think I got it out of my system . . . ALMOST! I totally forgot to mention this!! If I were to win, I would ask to have the Rescued series published! I better get a move on with that! Starting with posting it in one book on Wattpad. Which I am going to go do right now. I am just going to have it in drafts and slowly make the reveal.
Okay, now I’m done. 🙂

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