My Most Random Post For The Day

I have no idea what I am going to do with $15 in my iTunes account. I want to hold out for a certain album release in November, because then I won’t have to bug my friends for it when they buy it. That’s how I’ve gotten albums in the past. Friends give me copies. My problem: I don’t like to have money for long than a couple of weeks. Because there are times when my family needs to borrow it, and poof! It’s gone. I mean, I doubt anyone is going to need money through iTunes, so yeah, I can keep it for a while.

Hint: A certain band that lost it’s fifth member confirmed a fifth album. They said this album is going to be very different. Something to do with rap, hip-hop, and opera? Also, I think they should try and aim for the sixth album, just in case this next one sends rockets through the roof. Which it will, because from what I see, their fan base has not decreased. It’s increased.

Well, that is all for this blog, for today. Click the Harper Blog link on the side to see my recent post on my main blog. God bless, and see you soon!


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