A Weird Theory (More Writing Inspiration)

This post is completely original, and I have not posted this anywhere else . . . yet.

Have you ever just taken a piece of paper, a pen, and written the first thing that pops into your head? I have, many times, and those scribblings became brilliant stories later. Now, everyone has their own method to get inspired and writing. I think I mentioned on my other blog about a journal I used to keep that has turned into nothing but story scribblings. I literally just put down whatever comes to my head. If don’t, I forget the brilliant idea(s).

I am always carrying some sort of pen and paper with me around the house, even when I go out, I have my clipboard of whatever I was working on. If you like to write, it is obvious you love to read. No one ever starts writing without having that joy of turning the pages. I was listening to a podcast recently, and it came me some insights to some things that I kind of knew, yet it enlightened me. Most authors write because it is something they want to read themselves. That is definitely the case with me, and I have mentioned it many times.

My scribbled-up journal is full of one idea that I would like to turn into a novel, after major re-development, because this story is scattered all over the place. (I am not going to spoil the content, so if anyone wishes to read it, they will have to wait for me to post a link.)

Everyone’s writing style is different. Believe me, I know. My writing style is so different from my sister. Heck, she’s been writing longer than I have. I go to her OFTEN for writing advice. I trust her better judgment, and she always gives me the answer I am looking for. We have different writing styles, but as sister authors, we enjoy each other’s work. In our own ways. (Don’t worry sis, this is just an expression, and I know you will be reading this tomorrow. *winky-face*)

That is all for now. See you soon.


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