Finding Your Muse (Writing Inspiration)

I’ve found that when people see they have a purpose in their writing, they don’t anything stop them. Not even a little bit of the known term Writer’s Block. I have chosen to never call it that now. I’ve noticed many authors that I follow do not call it that either.

Everyone has a muse; something that inspires/motivates them to move forward. How can this be found, you might ask? It is quite easy, really. Take some notes, because I think this might help you the way it helps me.

  1. Write down the top reasons that you write. Is it a hobby? Do you write professionally?
  2. Write down the things you do that inspire you to write. Do you listen to particular music that makes you run to write? Perhaps you watched a movie, or read a book that inspired you?
  3. Write down what sort of surroundings you have. Who are the people around you?

By asking yourself the questions above, you will make known to yourself what it is that gets you to want to write. I am easily inspired to write by many things. Top of my list is what I read in the Bible. I’m always thinking how I could apply Biblical principles to my writing. Bringing those elements into writing is not complex, but it is quite tricky. I admire Melanie Dickerson for her hard work in that area. Her books, they are not just Christian fairytale re-tellings. They are exactly what I love reading. Her book (The Healer’s Apprentice is the one I read over the weekend) is everything I want to read.

With all this being said, I hope you find your writing muse. I bid the farewell until the next meeting. God bless.


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