That Author’s Freak Out Moment

Every author has that momentThat moment when you are so involved in writing and someone comes to interrupt you to help them find the TV remote. Or to remove your dog from the living room because he only listens to you. Oh! How about when you are just getting to the best part in your book and you notice it is two minutes to the time that your sister is allowed to use your laptop because you made a deal until she gets a new one. Yeah, that will cause you to have a moment.

Here’s the thing, you can have a brief moment, but don’t let it ruin your day. Don’t let one messed up word throw you into a slump. If you know you are a great writer, you’re going to pull through with flying colors. You’re going to know that you’ve got a skill with the writer’s quill, you’re gonna be just fine. If you feel like you won’t get anything done, take a break and come back to it later. It will still be there.

Don’t kill the momentum. Literally, if it is not there, put it on the shelf and stumble upon it later on when it is not burning a hole in your brain tissue. You need every brain cell you can get.

I had two author freak out moments today. All of which were from the examples I stated above. I’ve been on a time-crunch with the Harlequin #SYTYCW15 contest on Wattpad, and it seems that every time I am on full speed ahead with getting this novel done, that I am called to get up for something. If you lived in a house of 20 people, you’d get tired real fast from all the up and down you do in a day. I definitely feel my leg muscles showing up. 😀

This is a brain-fart of a post, but I felt like sharing it, since it involves writing and author stuff (which is what I want to use this blog for now). What are some of your author moments? Tell me about them.


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