Author vs. Aspiring Author – Wattpad vs. Quotev

I was thinking the other day about something someone said on social-media, and it made so much sense that I would like to share my thoughts about it.

Writers, authors, it does not matter. If you know you’ve got talent to write, you are not aspiring anything. You are doing it. That makes you an author/writer. You’re already there, you just need the right people to see your potential.

Lots of people are using Wattpad now, and I think it is a great way to get your work noticed. There is another site (that I have not used in over six months) called Quotev. Now, Quotev is a bit more artistic (you can change fonts, colors etc.) but I feel that Wattpad is more professional. And Wattpad hold writing contests, whereas Quotev doesn’t (at least in my time on that sight, I have never seen any).

Back to aspiring. Don’t you think that you are squashing your confidence whenever you say: “I am an aspiring author”? I still do that to myself, and I’ve tested this theory. My confidence level (in writing) has been going up and down every time I use that term. As an unpublished author, I feel that using the term aspiring is alright for a signature in my email. Because I have contact with other authors, and I am trying to show that I am almost to the point that I would be known as they are.

Try this for three days: Now and then, when asked, say that you are an author. Other times, use the aspiring term. See what happens to your author confidence level.


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