Expanding The Reading Preference

As a book blogger, I find myself keeping to my reading preferences when I request review copies. I created such preferences with the mentality that I would not like or be comfortable with other types of books. As my book blogging experience increases, and my reading preferences expands, I am starting to learn that I do like other genres more than I thought.

Over the weekend, I picked up my first zombie Apocalypse (four book box set). (Let me also mention that I absolutely despise Halloween in general.) I am surprised that I enjoyed the first book so much, because I am now reading the second book.

Over the last month, I have read so many different books that I have found myself wanting to look into more books like that, but I still have my restrictions list. I want to keep my same preferences, but I also want to let some other books enter my reading list, when they spark my interest.

Do you ever find yourself in this position? Think about your reading preferences, make a list, and see what foreign books infiltrate that list. 🙂


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