A Born Bookworm . . . Memories

There are many ways to know a born bookworm, usually it is by their reactions to reading a great book.

I was not a born bookworm. Quite frankly, as a young girl, I could have cared less about what books I was required to read. I had a strong, passionate dislike for books. When I was fourteen, I picked up The Black Stallion, and that is where my book journey began.

But if I had not told you that, you would have never known that I did not reading the way I love it now. Specifically, books with cheesy romance. I also like thrillers. Really hardcore thrillers, like the ones that have killing in every other chapter. Before it was books, it was the movies. Kingdom of Heaven (the movie with Orlando Bloom) was what sparked my interest in Israel’s history, but it did not make me sick. That movie is epic.

Okay, I do have a slight theory as to why I would like thrillers. Growing up, I was my dad’s late night buddy. I saw my first superhero movie with my dad(Batman, but I don’t know which one. I just remember Batman pulling a frozen Robin out of a hole in the floor).

When I was in the group home (foster care, when I was eleven through thirteen) as a familiar comfort (because my mom would always turn on The Little Mermaid whenever we needed comfort) I would go through the movies and see which ones I had never seen and would watch them for hours. It was the only way I know how to cope.

I saw the Jurassic Park trilogy in that group home. Traumatized for life. I also saw the original Godzilla movie. Never made it past the part when they see the nest of eggs. I will say that if I were to watch them again, I could handle it. (Those movies were never allowed in my house, but that group home did not have what I was used to. I learned to survive the best I knew how.)

A lot of my experiences reflect in my writing. They say that an author writes from their experiences. Do you find yourself writing like this?


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