Time for Some Imagination [Writing Inspiration]

A short list of three instantly inspiring things to write about.

First: Put your music library on shuffle. What is the first song that starts to play? Write about it. Turn it into a short story.
I did this the other day, and now I have this awesome book idea, which I have already started and plan to start posting later this month. It is inspired by guy/girl best friends, and is going to be called Pictures of You after the song by The Last Goodnight.

Second: Imagine you are speaking to your long term best friend (guy/girl best friends). You’ve met each other only a few times, without actually speaking to each other (could have been anywhere), but right away you clicked. You and your best friend keep saying how badly you want to see each other, but there are no possible ways because of the life each of you have. Suddenly, your best friend, instead of responding with the usual IM (messenger of choice), this friend starts replying with voice recordings. How do you react to hearing their voice for the first time?

Let me tell you something, I know how I would react. Especially if it were a very MANLY voice, like *scoffs*! IMAGINE if you were long term friends with one of your favorite male artists, and they decided to send you a voice recording. Hello, it’s Louis Tomlinson! I would be freaking out if that happened! But not in a fangirling kind of way. I actually would be dying from a racing heart, massive butterflies and stomach flip-flops. Oh, and giggles. Now, if that ever happens, I will be the first to admit all those things happening.

Third: If you did the two things above together, this should come easy. Base a character on you closest friend in your life. Can be anyone. Reflect your characters’ personalities on that friend (or multiple friends) and see what you come up with.


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