Let’s Talk Writing

This post has been inspired by author Mandi Lynn (Essence [YA], I am Mercy [Historical Fantasy])

Imagine this:

You’re at your workplace, ready to write; you have this goal to write XX words before the day is out. You start and your on a roll. But then you realize you forgot the most important part of writing. NO DISTRACTIONS.

You get a notification on your messenger (could be on your phone, your tablet, or on your PC). Your friend (BFF, GF/BF, your parents), and you decide to answer it. You lay down your writing, and you start chatting away.

One hour later (I would say two, but that would be an exaggeration). You realize that you have strayed away from your plan for the day. You end the convo and go back to your writing. Five minutes later, your phone rings.

It’s your other friend (whoever that might be), but this particular friend you have not spoken to in six hours. You decide to, yet again, stop writing and talk to them.

You come back, and you start again. This time, because your door is wide open (or because you are somewhere that is not quiet), and your (blank) enters. You are asked several questions, told to get up and take the dog out for walk. You stop, yet again, and you go to do all these things. By the time you come back to finish what you started, you have lost all inspiration for writing and you quit for the day.

The next day, it all starts again.

Do you the pattern here? It’s quite simple. I really like how Mandi Lynn does her writing. She turns off all sources of communication, you locks herself in her room so that no one disturbs her, and she turns off the WiFi setting on whichever device she is writing on (she uses her PC, mainly her tablet).

If there is one thing that will cause you to stop writing, it is DISTRACTIONS. When you go to write, get rid of any, and every, DISTRACTION that would cause you to stop your daily writing. Put a “Do not disturb” sign on your doorknob. Turn off your INTERNET connection on the device you are using to write. Hide you phone/iPad/tablet/iPod in your closet until you are done writing. You do not need DISTRACTIONS, so turn it all off and write.

Lots of people would like to cover up the word DISTRACTION with MULTI-TASKING. I will be honest and admit that I have done this myself. However, once I realized what I was doing, I began to call it what it is; DISTRACTION; I began to take control of those thing (whatever they might be) and I changed my entire writing routine.

DISTRACTIONS are not something you want to get in-tune with. They can cause your writing routine to go extremely out of whack. MULTI-TASKING is just as bad. You cannot do too many things at a time. Your brain cannot handle that. Want proof of that? Search Brain-Games on Netflix, and then tell you your brain can function multiple tasks.

I hope you find something in here useful. I’ve got some floors that need cleaning. CIAO!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Writing

  1. Tiegan

    I admit I am an avid “multi-tasker”… I have the WiFi on so I can look things up relevant to what I’m writing, but sometimes I search for too long and get side-tracked.

    Liked by 1 person

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