Publishing: Tradition or Self-Pub?

My sister is working to get a memoir published. I know I’ve mentioned it before, and I know that she has brought up this topic on her blog as well. But what do I think of the subject?

Well, I am learning the ways around self-publishing, for the purpose of assisting my sister when she is ready to kick things off. I’ve become so in tuned with the process that I find it to be much easier and quicker than traditional publishing. What do I mean?

Traditional publishing is nearly a year-long process. You, as the author, have to submit your manuscript to the directors/editors to look over, in hopes of them liking what you have written and giving them the overall decision of whether the novel is publish-worthy. I don’t know about you, but that sounds nerve-wracking! Granted, I have found interest in a few publishing imprints, because I have read books from them that I ended up loving.

Let’s break off a moment: If I were to go the traditional route, I believe I would submit to Entangled Publishing (Imprint(s): TEEN, CRUSH, CRAVE – YA). Why? Well, for one, I L♥VE their cover designs. They give me the feeling that the book is part of a series. When really it is a stand-alone. Entangled CRUSH does have some books in series, but they are written by different authors. I found that fascinating. But let’s face the music, my style writing may or may not be accepted to them.

Don’t get me wrong, traditional publishing gives an author the feeling that they are truly PUBLISHED. Some people look down on self-publishing. Why? I’ve no idea. However, there are a great deal of authors who self-published and they are award-winning authors. You see, its not about which route you took to publish. Its the CONTENT you are sharing, via publishing.

Mandi Lynn is an inspiration for me. Mainly, she is self-published author under the age of 20. She has two novels that she published herself. I’ve only stumbled onto her YouTube channel in the last six months, but going through her journey to self-publishing her novels is amazing. One being that she did it herself, with some professional help resources on the side. She is awesome; her tips and advice has been so helpful to me. Not just with learning to publish, but to receive criticism gracefully. I used to lack that element, but after watching video on the subject, I’ve got a whole new view on the matter.

I personally have to say that, despite my fascination for Entangled Publishing, I would take the self-publish route. It takes a lot out of me to even think of the possibility of getting rejected. . . I don’t rejection easily, though I do know how to hide it.

What’s my point for all this? Not much. Just the motivation to share what I’ve learned over the last five months. I may not have true plans of being a successful/professional author, but I do want to help me sister with her book. I’ve come to the conclusion that I should test all my new found skill.

Wanna know how? Follow my new blog Hadassah Books. I am sharing my test subjects there. Trust me, you will have fun. 🙂



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