From Blogger to Blogger and More

Never take on more than you can handle. I can say, from firsthand experience, that you do not want to put too much on your plate. From personal experience, it can cause you to fumble around and lose focus.

I recently took on too many books for review tours . . . like eight more than I can normally handle. I can handle at least three to four, sometimes five, books at a time. But this time around, I’ve got around ten to thirteen books to review. I finished . . . two or three over the last month, but then six more came! O.O

 I know . . . TOO MANY! But hey, what I got out of that is to never request more than four. The thing is, when you make a request, you have a 50/50% chance that your name will be chosen for the review. There is no way of knowing whether you are chosen unless you receive the book in your email.

There is a way to organize yourself. Take a notebook (one that is not of any importance) and write down all the books you are requesting, along with the date(s) you chose for your review to go live. If you are chosen for a review, make a mark on the book. If you are not chosen, cross that book out. Next, for the books that you have tour-stops for, make a new list of those books, along with your posting date.

Carry this notebook around with you so that it is nearby, near your Kindle, Nook, or paperback, so that you can keep track as you go. I am starting to do this, and it is helping. But my glitch is the lack of an e-reader, because most of the books I get are in e-book format. -_-

I have to work around my sister’s work schedule, and my everyday schedule. There are times that I forget I even have the book in my laptop. O.O I work best when I see the book in front of me, or when it is a book that I was already hyped for. Sometimes, I have to hype myself to read a book that I am not entirely into. More often than not, I will end up loving the book. But working up to that point is hard. Especially with the life I live.


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