A bit of Writing Inspiration

Okay, its been a while since I gave any inspo, so let’s get on with it.

Picture this:
You’re talking to your best friend (can be anyone; your brother, your sister, your girl-friend, your guy-friend, etc.). Let’s make this a bit more interesting by making the friendship a boy-girl friendship. Best friends. The highest level of best you can think of.

You’ve known this friend for X years, but never speak to each other by phone. Just IM, PM, DM (whichever). But you know what each other’s voice sounds like because you both did voice recorded messages.

You and your best friend are talking. Sending emjois that cause each other to giggle, etc.

Now, to make this more interesting:
Girls, the guy sends you his number for the first time in all the years you’ve known him.
Guys, you send your number to the girl.

Guys and girls . . . what is your reaction? Is this something you had wanted?

Girls: If you initial reaction was a blush, then give the guy a call and start writing the scene.

Guys: If the girl calls you, keep the conversation going and write the scene.

Hope this sparks your writing pen!


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